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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

We, women

07.09.19 | Delcy Reis









This text has the purpose to fit within all women all over the world. 

The single, the married ones, the divorced, with or without kids.

The ones who strive to succeed regardless the partner, not saying that they are not needed, because they are. 

But the ones, that constantly try to believe that things can change, and we can succeed by our own will. 

With the new album of Lana Del Rey, and on a personal relationship dimension, and adding a little bit of life, there are some little and small details that I do accept. 

Life for sure is better with someone rather than alone. 

Life is better with a lot of people that can surround us, considering the stage where we are. 

And we all, women tend to look to them, as our heroes, and always striving to fulfill their smile, always wanting not to miss. 

And we forget ourselves, and sometimes we are forgotten. And, it depends according to each one life and experience, and the ambition of wanting to be someone meaningful. 

Either, for their one children, or for the world. 

And, sometimes we are misdjuged because they say, that we are doing harmful things to ourselves, but it should be seen the other way around. We want to prove that, we are likeable only as a human being, for the way we stay and act within a social environment, within different people, having opinions, having strong thoughts about means of communication. 

We acknowledge that, and as proved by Science, and also by the education given, that have similar tastes. 

But, sometimes we want just to feel ok though being a little bit different. 

There are the ones who love to take care of the clothes, the others who love to travel, the others who love to accept the journey has it suddenly appears. 

Because, being an adult woman, is also that, strive to conquer, regardless the gender. 

And yes, one may say that we think that the partner is there to protect us, and it feels so good but, we do also know that they are not our superheroes, that can save us from all the bad things in the world. It's just a matter of believing and maybe having the facke smile, that things happen. But it does not mean, that we have to accept all the chances that the world has given to us, solely the ones that, within that minute might make us feel safe, and according to what we need, take the decision. 

As a woman, I believe in plans, but I also believe and unfortunately tend to accept, that the equality of gender still does not exist. 

And I do not state it because I am a woman, but because of what I have lived until now, where the highest places within corporate environments are only taken by man. And, we found ourselves within the duality of: being more of a pragmatic and therefore not a woman at all, or accept the preconception, and assume the woman figure, has being sensible and tender, regardless if we are within a personal or professional environment.