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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

Traveling through Covid times

29.04.20 | Delcy Reis



And an experience to share.

Someone who lives airports, traveling through the airports, seeing all of them empty.

Normally, and without noticing we run towards the group of people goes, we follow then, and we feel somehow together.

The emptiness, made be feel not with a sense of belonging. Strange.

A person gets lost. By the emptiness. 
By the emptiness of people.

Crowded places are empty, when we are used to be guided by the crowds, not needing to press in the lift of the elevator because we are too much, not feeling the emptiness of a huge lift. 

All the shops closed, and to have money from the bank it was challenged considering all the liquidity restrictions of the country and the government.

Had a quick chat with Thomas, a security guy from the airport who told me that it was strange, to see a street that before was stressful with a lot of cars and taxis beeping, suddenly empty. Even for him it was strange, and he was also arguing with the Government measures, within an attempt to control the Pnademic Crises, but where also the Gdp of the country faces one of the biggest decreases since 10 years.
Never been so easy to collect the luggage, never been so difficult to take a taxi.

Never been so sad to travel, facing all of us with masks.

The airplanes half full, and all the safety and cleaning measures assured. One feels like it is in a movie.

And when the purpose of the travel was only to see the anchor that supports my life, having to be enclosed with able to give a hug, a proper kiss. 

Pandemic times, that obliges one to again control emotions. And control the love, which the only one that makes us free. 

Pandemic times, streets empty. And each and every human being, different one that we see, we value. 
mans, we should smile and complement. 

Because maybe it is the last time we see it. A human being. 

May the force and the prayers of the country where I am living for one year and half help the crisis to move forward. 

Because human kind, thought with the purpose of finding a solution, also strives to find the guilty within the biological war.

US states and does not uderstand the China OMS position. Western countries take different measures according to the own strategy, where the sence of community or imunity among the society prevails ( Sweeden case), or the sence of globalization got lost. 

This was foreseen on the movies, and by us, so how come we are not able to raise a propper solution.

Human kind challenge.