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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

Mister Mark Lai BadoChinese

11.10.19 | Delcy Reis

And there was a night I went to La Mer. It reminded me the Disney world but near the sea, on a summer night. 

Nothing too much planned and flowed naturally, where it was possible to take decisions together. A new friend, with a similar path to the one I'm having, that also gave more comfort. 

While walking near the sea and absorving different contrasts, the weather, the place and the new friendship, the small white lights also brought Grizlly Bear into my mind. 

Being a new chapter in my life, all the disruption is feeling like a release from the previous times. 

Got to taste a wonderful duck with pineapple, a not crowded place, and Mister Mark Lai. At the Badochinese restaurant. Of course, it reminded me my grandfather, by the face, the eyes and the Chinese posture.

The way we where welcomed, and all the cultural and traditional welcoming made me feel in China. 

A quiet place, with wonderful dishes and a very cleaned and good service. 

Without any kind of reference, just by walking near the sea, and having the freedom to choose, China near the sea. 

Mister Marko Lai came to Dubai 10 years ago and is the owner of this wonderful place, where he puts his heart on every presentation, and have the care of making feel the customer as most Chinese as possible. 

Thanks for the words learned, and for the love of sharing multi cultural tastes. 

A Chinese man, in Dubai, who knew Vinho do Porto. 

The world, these days is actually very small. 

We tend to make it bigger and distant, maybe because we like to do it. But, do we?