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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

Manara living

25.04.20 | Delcy Reis

What about living in Dubai?

Peculiar villa, next to kite beach.

A world experience. 

I had the chance to, in a simple space, get to know people from different sides of the world.

I was known to be the foody one, and I had the privilege to get to know different people.

Let us start by one box fighter with a strong character, a winning preposition in life, a challenge and tuff one.

But also, an helpful one. Yes, superficial, and completely adjusted to the Dubai reality. By yourself and not a team work, a leading positioning.

Ther artist, from Jordan with beautiful pieces, and strong eyes. I’ve told him, when I met him he reminded me about All Pacino in God father, because of th funniest laugh I have ever seen!

And then, we can speak about Spain, with that sounds music, festive one, that changes th mood of each and everyone, specially in Dubai, where by default we see a more polite and stable posture. Or at least it was what I was pursuing. But also couldn’t find.

Managing human relations, sometimes playing the role of the responsible one, sometimes also mediating the conversation, adjusting and adjusting, adapting, promoting the cultural closure, embracing the gender difference and its acceptance.

Observing that food gets people together, and the kitchen is the old to speak, rather than speaking with th cellphone tablet.

And during this Covid times, finding the smile, men purpoae of life, for people quite used to work, sleep, eat repeat, having a sudden breakdown was strange.

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