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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


07.04.20 | Delcy Reis

Hi all, maybe you will see this as another trendy and fludded text, recalling the subject that, during this days is on the table: a virus that as of now no one has a propper understanding about.

A virus that turned out to make the lonely and selfish trendy world where we live in as a brave one. One being lonely is not anymore anything to be concerned with but a proof of victory. A proof of safety. 

Well, I've turned out to be in a different stage.

This is the time to acknowledge love, being humble, find some empathy, and most of all being honest. 

And, by the honesty, I mean, we can speak about the superficial honesty that one can use in a specific moment, situation. 

But, most of all being honests with ourselves, with our dreams. 

Yes, I believe this quaranteene tones, are allowing me to reflect, make a pause, and observe people's behaviors, kinds of living and continuously adjust. 

This are times where I understand that I'm tired of inconsistency, I'm tired of this messy and lost ways of communication. 

I'm taking this chance to be humble, with me, and the first time for a long time ago, be kind to myself.

The more life you get, you feel the colder and bitter your heart gets. 

Yes, and for sure there's a political side on al this subject, that again is controlling and constraining us somehow on the moves.

Yes, times of uncertainty and change, that will give to the future generations an example of a pandemic scenario, where the technologies and development on the cleaning habits are reinforced. 

Again, both the nature and the human side are being called on stage: for the logical ones, this is somehow disturbing and difficult to deal with.

For the logical and analytical ones, with a strong emotional understanding, is just to give it a little bit of bright side. 

For the too, emotional, it is the time to cry, or to laugh as much as they can just to release the weight. 

But it is a call for humanity.

It is the time to value the ones that didn't quit from being with us, the ones that kept on trusting us, in our habits, principles. 

The ones that reinforce and gave us the power to move forward. 

It is a call, for us, regardless of the culture, regardless of the thoughts, to see ourselves, and value each and every human smile we can catch. 

Because, those are the ones at stage at this moment. 

Not the ones in the social networks. 

The real ones, the pure hearts that still can empower us to believe that there is a future. And that everything is for sure going to be ok. 

Today I was a human, and I run. 

Today I was a human and I saw a parrot, collecting food for the onest care. 

Today, I saw two children playing in the yard and laughing. 

Today I didn't want to see the masks and gloves and what they represent to me: the power, the politics and the business that constrains and reveals how material and weak we are.

We are humans, so let's keep on protecting our specie.

Although life keeps betraying us on the believe of hope and helping, let's us give another and another push.