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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


30.03.20 | Delcy Reis

Within these strange times, music heals.

Within these strange times, reflecting on those who are giving their best, their time, are the ones to be valued. 

One can give a thought if it is a call for humanity or, again, a way of the huge countries to handle with all of us, and conduct us to a less globalized world and a more protected and closed one.

Future generations for sure will feel an impact with our change of behaviors, with our change of mindset, with our change of being and sayings. 

I've recall this music from Michael Jackson that was wrote in 1982, and 28 years have passed and we are all learning again to give value to the things we didn't before.

Or again, it is given to us the chance of understanding that, yes we live like machines, however we do belong to a planet and we do need to respect the ways of living.

A music that recalls to all the springs, to all the nature that passes and changes and we do not care or value.

To each and every circle of life we have. To understand the balances and where do we fit. 

However nothing will be new, only the less population we will have. 

And the more cleaning procedures to be ensured, 

Trends of sharing basic domestic tasks are now a trend, where people compete between families on who is the most funny family. 

We, as humans are all again lost in a wave of a virus not controlled, and floating according to the worlds waves. 

Even pretending to believe that we control, that we manage, we can only see and be OK with our small bubble.

Always not forgetting the cycle of life. The balance that naturally has to exist. 

Stay safe, and take care about the ones who also take care.