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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

Corona Virus in MENA

15.03.20 | Delcy Reis

And for all of us, the humanity this would be the moment to get together regardless of nations.

Here in Dubai, the chants are spreading all over the city.

It has been one year so far, and the experience gave me a sense of humanity. 

The experience gave me the sense that I have, without boundaries of globalization. 

There's too much information on the media, that contradicts itself and, in some cases it is quite similar between countries. 

The only thing that makes the difference it is the time at what the virus spreads, and also the visibility that it is given to them. By each government. 

And the chants, they still give me the hope that I need. 

To accept the human being as a constant error, and moving forward. 

It has to be accepted until a certain stage. It could be understandable until a certain stage, and again it has to do with time and commitment to solve a problem for someone. 

It is also to do about managing emotions, and specifically here we are forced to be positive,  even if we are not at that mood. To keep moving forward.

With the time in life, certain that emotions it is one of the main points, but also the way that people see us, it is also a fact that matters. 

All of this, and all that I'm living recalls me previous experiences where I would share everything of my life towards someone to whom I would have empathy. And then things were not share in the same quota. 

And then, fairness doesn't come through. Again. 

And then, also the so spoken respect doesn't come trhow. However I have all of those kept in my education, the world simply teaches me that it does not apply to the reality. 

The sense of care, is funny because it is shared among communities, regardless the title that each one of us have in the society. Woman, men, wife, husband.

This is a place where friends are friends, with common boundaries.

And my world experience allows me to forget previous boundaries, that didn't work out, and believe that they will, by being given by different people. 

And let us believe that there will always be good people. 

And let us believe that we all already know pretty dam well how to manage the other emotions, and call to provide happiness, regardless of speaking about love. 

Let us speak like that, and life gets pretty much easier. 

Let the Corona Virus teach us, has human beings, that only communicating with pcs and not feeling the human of each other, it is still empty. 

That we are social beings and need to be near each other, just to feel among and to feel somehow safe. 

Let the chants give us that hope. 

Hopefully, and with the spread of the virus, the global economy will change, and maybe it will be the rise of one of the biggest economies in the world, China, to provide the solution. And the weights will change, and the trends will change. But this for sure will happen, not because of the humanity, but because all of us are loosing money. And the argument it is pretty much valid to invite for unpaid leaves after all the effort. And depending on the stage we are, we accept it.