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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

Bam°bu bicycles

19.09.19 | Delcy Reis



In 2017 I had the chance of going to Beijing. Living the dream of having a life abroad. 

Felt the blood and the adventure.

Felt the cultural diference.

Felt the looking faces towards a different nose, a different eye, a different skin color. 

So, having a grey life, like so many others, back there in my home country, the welcoming was graceful. 

Had the chance to visit all of the biggest monuments within the city, and most of all, have fun like a kid. 

Slept in the Great wall, and replicas of Braveheart, where pretty well made by Irish people, where the long hair was also there, and huge flags. 

The delicate and crazy touch of French people, mixed with the emotional heart of south American people. 

Among this diversity, all of them shared similar tastes in common, and sustainability of our planet was one of them. Within a city that is crowded, and not sustainable to what comes to the means of transportation, with different infrastructures, for sure the bicycle was the fastest, most flexible mean of transport. 

And, the perfect combination appeared: a dreamer by heart, a world person, and a believer, Joana started the project within her town city: Cúria.

And, one may believe that this is something to be considered only within that specific region. 

And one may also think that it is not something tough for long travels,

Well, let's clear things out. 

Regarding the product itself, it combines both the Bambu, instead of the current brass, being a more affordable one, and less heavy. Giving the cool good-looking, adaptable for the long run or for the short one, regardless of all the extreme safety measures. A true appeal to freedom. 

For the travels, the young adventurer, Richie Hansard a bike world traveler, is the living proof of that. Made already New Zealand, Shizuoka, Mumbai, with his friend traveler.

A project that promotes a live change, focused on the sustainability and best environment practices, with a combination of safety and relaxing moments. 

Let the adventure begins, and let Portugal also support this globally and east trend.

Not being a massive project for sure it will conquer the foot of many, since it is customized.