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A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante


A companhia dos (in’s) INcerto INcoerente INconstante

Traveling through Covid times

29.04.20 | Delcy Reis



And an experience to share.

Someone who lives airports, traveling through the airports, seeing all of them empty.

Normally, and without noticing we run towards the group of people goes, we follow then, and we feel somehow together.

The emptiness, made be feel not with a sense of belonging. Strange.

A person gets lost. By the emptiness. 
By the emptiness of people.

Crowded places are empty, when we are used to be guided by the crowds, not needing to press in the lift of the elevator because we are too much, not feeling the emptiness of a huge lift. 

All the shops closed, and to have money from the bank it was challenged considering all the liquidity restrictions of the country and the government.

Had a quick chat with Thomas, a security guy from the airport who told me that it was strange, to see a street that before was stressful with a lot of cars and taxis beeping, suddenly empty. Even for him it was strange, and he was also arguing with the Government measures, within an attempt to control the Pnademic Crises, but where also the Gdp of the country faces one of the biggest decreases since 10 years.
Never been so easy to collect the luggage, never been so difficult to take a taxi.

Never been so sad to travel, facing all of us with masks.

The airplanes half full, and all the safety and cleaning measures assured. One feels like it is in a movie.

And when the purpose of the travel was only to see the anchor that supports my life, having to be enclosed with able to give a hug, a proper kiss. 

Pandemic times, that obliges one to again control emotions. And control the love, which the only one that makes us free. 

Pandemic times, streets empty. And each and every human being, different one that we see, we value. 
mans, we should smile and complement. 

Because maybe it is the last time we see it. A human being. 

May the force and the prayers of the country where I am living for one year and half help the crisis to move forward. 

Because human kind, thought with the purpose of finding a solution, also strives to find the guilty within the biological war.

US states and does not uderstand the China OMS position. Western countries take different measures according to the own strategy, where the sence of community or imunity among the society prevails ( Sweeden case), or the sence of globalization got lost. 

This was foreseen on the movies, and by us, so how come we are not able to raise a propper solution.

Human kind challenge. 




Manara living

25.04.20 | Delcy Reis

What about living in Dubai?

Peculiar villa, next to kite beach.

A world experience. 

I had the chance to, in a simple space, get to know people from different sides of the world.

I was known to be the foody one, and I had the privilege to get to know different people.

Let us start by one box fighter with a strong character, a winning preposition in life, a challenge and tuff one.

But also, an helpful one. Yes, superficial, and completely adjusted to the Dubai reality. By yourself and not a team work, a leading positioning.

Ther artist, from Jordan with beautiful pieces, and strong eyes. I’ve told him, when I met him he reminded me about All Pacino in God father, because of th funniest laugh I have ever seen!

And then, we can speak about Spain, with that sounds music, festive one, that changes th mood of each and everyone, specially in Dubai, where by default we see a more polite and stable posture. Or at least it was what I was pursuing. But also couldn’t find.

Managing human relations, sometimes playing the role of the responsible one, sometimes also mediating the conversation, adjusting and adjusting, adapting, promoting the cultural closure, embracing the gender difference and its acceptance.

Observing that food gets people together, and the kitchen is the old to speak, rather than speaking with th cellphone tablet.

And during this Covid times, finding the smile, men purpoae of life, for people quite used to work, sleep, eat repeat, having a sudden breakdown was strange.

 Spread to friends.



O mundo nos dias de hoje

11.04.20 | Delcy Reis

O principal desafio nos dias de hoje, e na quarentena em que nos encontramos é encontrar acima de tudo, forma de ocupar o tempo. 

Procuramos estar informados e ouvimos teorias de guerra biológica, de equilíbrio da terra pelo consequente abuso do ser humano na exploração dos recursos naturais. 

E, acostumamo-nos ao acompanhamento virtual.

E perdemos toda a essência de seres humanos. Habituamo-nos a distância, humana, pessoal.

Mudamos a nossa rotina e habituamo-nos a novos métodos.

As plataformas de comunicação são cada vez mais escritas. 

Habituamo-nos ao silêncio.

Habituamo-nos ao beep do whatsaapp.

Temos receio de comunicar, comunicamos e apercebemo-nos da frustração do mundo.

Não habituados a interagir com humanos, evitamos a culpa, ou a responsabilidade, talvez para nos sentir-nos perfeitos como vendemos numa rede social, talvez para acreditarmos que a perfeição possa existir. 

E a melhor forma de levarmos a vida, será certamente com ironia pelo caos, com ironia pela incoerência, pela palavra confiança.

E vemos movimentos de marketing, pelo covid, e vemos o tema a ser explorado mundialmente como uma forma de conflito, e não de união. 

E todas as relações são mantidas por imagens, filmes, tik tok. 

E perdemos a capacidade de ser humanos. 

Aqueles que vivemos de forma independente e isolada. 

Veremos para onde vamos caminhar. 

Caminhemos para onde achamos que devemos. 

Um novo mundo ressurgirá. 

Esperemos que não nos esqueçamos rapidamente da prisão a que nos submetemos. 


07.04.20 | Delcy Reis

Hi all, maybe you will see this as another trendy and fludded text, recalling the subject that, during this days is on the table: a virus that as of now no one has a propper understanding about.

A virus that turned out to make the lonely and selfish trendy world where we live in as a brave one. One being lonely is not anymore anything to be concerned with but a proof of victory. A proof of safety. 

Well, I've turned out to be in a different stage.

This is the time to acknowledge love, being humble, find some empathy, and most of all being honest. 

And, by the honesty, I mean, we can speak about the superficial honesty that one can use in a specific moment, situation. 

But, most of all being honests with ourselves, with our dreams. 

Yes, I believe this quaranteene tones, are allowing me to reflect, make a pause, and observe people's behaviors, kinds of living and continuously adjust. 

This are times where I understand that I'm tired of inconsistency, I'm tired of this messy and lost ways of communication. 

I'm taking this chance to be humble, with me, and the first time for a long time ago, be kind to myself.

The more life you get, you feel the colder and bitter your heart gets. 

Yes, and for sure there's a political side on al this subject, that again is controlling and constraining us somehow on the moves.

Yes, times of uncertainty and change, that will give to the future generations an example of a pandemic scenario, where the technologies and development on the cleaning habits are reinforced. 

Again, both the nature and the human side are being called on stage: for the logical ones, this is somehow disturbing and difficult to deal with.

For the logical and analytical ones, with a strong emotional understanding, is just to give it a little bit of bright side. 

For the too, emotional, it is the time to cry, or to laugh as much as they can just to release the weight. 

But it is a call for humanity.

It is the time to value the ones that didn't quit from being with us, the ones that kept on trusting us, in our habits, principles. 

The ones that reinforce and gave us the power to move forward. 

It is a call, for us, regardless of the culture, regardless of the thoughts, to see ourselves, and value each and every human smile we can catch. 

Because, those are the ones at stage at this moment. 

Not the ones in the social networks. 

The real ones, the pure hearts that still can empower us to believe that there is a future. And that everything is for sure going to be ok. 

Today I was a human, and I run. 

Today I was a human and I saw a parrot, collecting food for the onest care. 

Today, I saw two children playing in the yard and laughing. 

Today I didn't want to see the masks and gloves and what they represent to me: the power, the politics and the business that constrains and reveals how material and weak we are.

We are humans, so let's keep on protecting our specie.

Although life keeps betraying us on the believe of hope and helping, let's us give another and another push. 


06.04.20 | Delcy Reis

Por estes dias, onde nos foi concedido que cuidemos de nós, um dos filmes que recentemente mais me marcaram. Pela cultura e tradições mantidas de o homem escolher a mulher para casamento, com a idealização da mulher perfeita. A mulher perfeita, com as tradições e competências que naquela sociedade lhe são exigidas, e avaliada pelas restantes patronais da aldeia.

Tudo se passa numa vila remota, onde uma escola não existia, e o lote de construção foi a contratação de um professor. 

Onde uma escola não existia, e o gan de bandidos, pelo interesse de comunidade foram aqueles que souberam apoiar a causa. 

Uma aldeia, onde a família se resume a total comunidade de pessoas que ali vive. 

Um professor, que seguiu o seu instinto, e mudou a vida de toda uma aldeia.

O julgamento social presente, se bem que a uma escala menor, a crítica, a exposição.

O milagre da mulher perfeita conceder todo o seu amor a um deficiente, e poder com isso mudar uma vida.

Imagens incríveis, paisagens de sonho, desespero, não desistência, confiança, acompanhamento. 

Banda sonora intensa, disrupçao cultural, contraste de cores vivas com o branco da neve. 

Adultos incapazes de viver a sua adolescencia, adolescentes querendo viver a sua vida adulta. 

Culturas diferentes mas com estrutura cultural, onde hábitos e costumes são mantidos. 


Mas, e acima de tudo onde a brutalidade e força do homem, física, pode provar que nem sempre é o que é necessário para que se vença.


Um filme enorme. Capaz de nos fazer viver.